Wood Panels

We are a conscientious in house provider, with a well versed staff in place. Our primary objective is to serve the customer, while producing a high quality product​​. Customers will find themselves at the center of our attention. We will bring sought after genetics to the Oklahoma market.​


Confident crew finding our way in the cannabis industry, are driven to succeed, bring an experienced skill-set to the table​, and we have picked up some nice hardware along the way!


Meet The Team

Chief Executive Officer


Erick Hernandez

I’ve had the opportunity to move to Colorado with goals of learning the industry. Completed courses at Cannabis Training University. My drive and aspirations will propel me during this new venture. I am thrilled to have this opportunity and I will carry on the mission of providing alternative healthcare!

    Chief Operations Officer


    Myka Hernandez

    I directed my efforts to become a nurse before moving to Colorado. I wanted to provide my patients with a new level of care. My new goal consisted of learning the industry and serving others. I strive to enrich lives and create the best product for our customers. I am beyond ready to embark on this new journey!

    Chief Marketing Officer


    Nick Hernandez

    Obtained a B.S. in marketing from the University of the Ozarks. During my college career I studied marketing concepts and applied them to my fundraising efforts.. The experience was fulfilling then and this new opportunity has truly inspired me! I aim to leave my mark on the world!

    Senior Advisor


    Travis Guest

    A cannabis industry specialist. Through his private consulting company Well Thought Productions, Travis has played vital roles in several award winning operations. He has been recognized in the industry​, and his vast knowledge will be at the forefront of our enterprise!